Thursday, May 18, 2017

An Encounter With the Wise Sentinel

We've given up hope of ever finding the owls that have been reportedly sighted by some birders after our several unsuccessful attempts at locating them. We scoured the countrysides where they were spotted for some days but they seemed to hide from us.

One day, however, or rather evening, at 7:30 p.m., as we were driving home from another area to look for some newly arrived birds of prey, an unexpected sight appeared right before our eyes. Something big with wide wingspan whizzed toward a hole in an open field. What could that be? We pulled over the road to wait for it to emerge. It did! It flitted and perched on a pole marking the nature reserve area in this countryside.

It's an owl! Oh, yes! It just sat there calmly, not minding our presence at all, and seemingly posing for portrait photography. I was elated, and at the same time frantic to take good shots of it in varied angles, afraid that it would fly away just as quickly as it came. How fortuitous that it stayed there fearlessly and just kept turning its winsome face to different directions. My camera went clicking away....

It also sat there like a sentinel, guarding this nature reserve that hadn't turned green yet on this mid- spring.

Hubby and I hung around for a while until it finally flew toward the far end of the field. Unfortunately, I couldn't capture it in flight as it flew so swiftly.

At last, I've seen a real owl in its natural habitat, watched it and photographed it.

And we went home happily with this newly acquired birding experience. I let the thrilling moments of encounter with that "wise" sentinel float on my mind before the memory got stored in my "treasure chest".

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