Saturday, July 1, 2017

And Then Came Summer

Spring has glided by after staying almost unnoticeably. Its telltale signs were not as striking and sweeping as they should be. It snowed for the most part of the season, hindering the vegetation from budding and the buds from popping out. ( check out Crazy May to see how spring looked like) As it inched closer to its end, all the leaves and flowers suddenly burst forth.

And then came summer. ( Summer solstice this year was June 21) . With all the warmth and sunshine, the young greens of spring rushed to deeper, mature greens as the summer flowers broke out. The succeeding days came to be mottled with the vibrantly colorful blooms of both spring and summer, like two generations in juxtaposition.

Then out of the blue, most of the blooming bushes and trees that I'm fond of became wrapped up in a plethora of blossoms in sundry colors. Their deliciously sweet scents floating in the air invigorate me as I walk around with a spring in my steps.

At this time too, the air reverberates with the songs and calls of birds in a delightful choral crescendo. Sometimes when hubby and I take a little walk in the woods in search of new birds, although we can't see the birds due to the denseness of the foliage, we can actually hear the whole forests singing in a pleasant ensemble of  assorted birds.

Of course, our birding activities keep in stride with the heightening bustle in the ornithological sphere. We keep moving about, mostly in the evenings, to the woods, lakes, ponds and riversides to see about the new birds around our city. (I'm going to write about the development of my birding endeavors in my future blog.)

Needless to say, but I say it once more, that summer nights are awash with the light of the sun that doesn't sink below the horizon. Oh, yes, it's bright all night long! No sky luminaries are visible during this season except the sun by night and the moon by day. The other way around, huh? If sleep were not necessary, we would have 24-hour outdoor activities to take full advantage of all the lights that this short season spills out.

Midsummer's eve, June 23, came charmingly with this fringed sun halo looming steadily in the sky from around 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The following day was Midsummer, which was ironically a gloomy and rainy day. That was supposed to be a day full of sunshine and colorful flowers and all the lovely things that are quintessential of a true summer, but it didn't go well this year. The weather remained unaltered the day after. And then the following days came round to the real spirit of summer.

And so marches the summer on. And so goes my summer watching on as I march with the season. And I respond wholeheartedly to its pleasant call. And I believe that these gifts in nature that our loving Creator lavishes on us are a nourishment for the soul.

My life is still and will always be at one with the marvels of creation. My life story keeps being written mystically by the constant changes of the natural world. My love for our Creator, my appreciation and gratitude for his daily gifts that abound all over us define who I am.

"The day belongs to you, also the night.
You made the light and the sun.
You set up all the boundaries of the earth;
You made SUMMER and winter." 
- Psalm 74:16,17