Sunday, July 9, 2017

A Brief Walk In The Woods

Midsummer eve (June 23) was a quiet, almost uneventful day save for the traditional celebration to welcome the Midsummer in the Nordic lands. Families and friends gathered together for a picnic somewhere. The streets were devoid of people and vehicles, the homes equally quiet as if everything froze in time. 

Hubby and I drove away the day's ennui by taking a walk in the woods, somewhere not far from the city. 

It was meant to be an ornithological trip, but it turned out to be a botanical one, photographically speaking. 

Actually, the whole area teemed with different kinds of birds, but we couldn't see them as they were concealed by the thick foliage. We only knew that they were there through their calls and songs that resounded in the woods.

To allay my disappointment for not being able to see and photograph the birds, I diverted my attention to the forest's flora, which I also love to explore. My eyes are always captivated by the minuteness of the mosses and lichens, and I keep macro-shooting the same kinds every time I see them.☺❤

Considering these creations, the big and the small, also works wonders on one's well-being, just like any hobbies do. 

So glided this day by. The otherwise dull day became sprinkled with bits of sunshine that I gleaned from this short walk in the woods.

When we came back home, this 22 degrees solar halo graced the sky.

On my way to find a location for a better vantage point, I saw this bird, probably a Eurasian nuthatch, already resting for the night in its smug little home.

As the night deepened, the solar halo gradually emitted an upper tangent arc that stayed in the night sky for quite a time. And that wrapped up this day.

"He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has even put eternity in their heart....
I have come to know that everything the true God makes will endure forever."
- Ecclesiastes 3:11, 14

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