Saturday, December 16, 2017

Frosts - Magnifying The Unseen

Something white blankets the ground,

something that coats the grass, bare trees and bushes,

something indefinable at a glance,

something really bone-chilling,

something crisp when trodden upon,

something ignored or taken for granted....


"From whose womb did the ice emerge,
And who gave birth to the frost of heaven?"
(Job 38:29)

Take a look once again.


Now with a magnifier or a camera zoom lens.

What do you see?

Geometrical, cylindrical patterns, amazing symmetry.

Just incredibly stunning!

That's the marvel of these tiny ice crystals!

It's a kind of universe I thrive in.

"He sends the snow like wool. He scatters the frosts like ashes. "
(Psalm 147:16)

"By the breath of God, the ice is produced."
(Job 37:10)

May the brilliantly cold beauty of the ice crystals warm your hearts.

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