Saturday, December 9, 2017

Remembering Fall

We're almost halfway through December and yet I haven't stored a memory of the fall in our city this year.

We have had a number of heavy snowfall that created a thick blanket of snow over the whole city.

As the snow thickened and melted away, the yellow and brown carpet of fallen leaves re-emerged, reminding us that autumn was still underway.

And then the snowfall became frequent, heralding the coming of winter.

I froze (excuse me for my hyperbole) after realizing that I let the season slip away without having it journaled. 

So I'm going to put this year's fall on record through some of the photographs that I took along the course of the season.

It's the time when many writers and bloggers re-echo the quote   "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."  Yes, "flowers" of gold, tangerine and scarlet are in a riot. 

A treat from our balcony - nasturtiums in profusion popping up and dangling from the rectangular pots attached to our balcony's railing, and a view down the street.

The super abundant vermilion berries and crab apples that deepen the colors of the season never fail to arrest my admiration.

When the wind blows, the leaves softly rustle in an orchestra as others frolick in the air and pirouette around each other before landing to form a sea of fiery colors.

All the streets and walkways are ablaze with the autumnal trees.

The train station where I work is adorned and painted with patches of warm colors.

The birds still fill the air with their calls and songs and keep delighting their admirers like me.

birding by the seashore

Every little thing that I see just enchants me.

The autumnal skies are amazing too!

The aurora borealis starts to show up.

The rainbows also chime in by splashing their colors across the sky.

The dipping sun flames wildly on early afternoons.

The moon glows warmly in the dark, chilly autumn night.

And this duck waves goodbye to the season.

And I say hello to the winter season!

"He is the Maker of the earth by his power,
The one who established the productive land by his wisdom
And who stretched out the heavens by his understanding."
(Jeremiah 10:12)

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