Saturday, March 5, 2011

Glitters, Glitters Everywhere

I've always been a glitter freak. I use lots of glitters in my paper crafts. I love to watch the glitters of the stars in the night sky. I revel at the sight of glitters dancing on the water as it catches bits of sunlight. The colorful glitters of city lights fascinate me. Glittery clothes attract me. And so are the sparkling glitters of diamonds and crystals. Oh, anything that glitters is eye candy for me!

No wonder why the snow bedazzles me. Wherever there is snow, as long as the sun is out, glitters abound, and they sparkle on and off and keep following me everywhere I go. Even in the night, they sparkle under the street lights. When the moon shines brightly at night, the snowflakes or snow crystals dramatically sparkle with intensity as they capture the moonlight. 

Such glitters in the snow are so magical that they keep my eyes fixed on them. I tried to capture them through my camera but the pictures fail to do justice to reality. The pictures here are the best I've taken so far. (Click images to see the glitters clearly)

These were taken in the previous months. Now, the piles of snow are beginning to shrink as the warm spring sun gradually melts them away. Yes, spring has finally come, but it would take quite a long time for all these mounds of snow to clear away. The glitters in the snow will also die out soon, but I'm happy that I've had my fill of feasting my eyes on them throughout the winter season. To me, they too are some of the little blessings from our Creator that make life pleasurable.