Monday, March 21, 2011

What To Do With the Snow

Spring has arrived and yet thick blankets of snow still cover the whole city, though little patches of ground with snow-beaten grass have emerged. Vegetation is still in hibernation and it may take quite a time before it will wake up, as it must wait for all the hills of snow to melt away. Sometimes, snow still falls in this early spring, piling more snow over the already shrinking one.

Since snow is super abundant here, the city government decided to make good use of it by erecting a snow castle alongside the city river,

where visitors can view the frozen river or watch the sunset over the river,

just sit, relax and have "fika" or snacks,

and kids can play to their fill.

They also carved this snow dinosaur where children enjoyed playing slides.

Another idea was to have a snow-carving competition for amateur carvers.

(Actually, these activities took place these previous months, January and February, but I wasn't able to post them earlier as I was preoccupied with many things. In fact, there are more winter things that I wanted to post, but I'm not sure if I can post them all before spring activities will come in full blast.)