Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finding Colors Amid the Winter Whiteness

For those who are tired of the all-white or gray colors of this long winter, the flower shops become an oasis that fills their need for bright colors. During this long winter, some flower shops host several people who either buy flowers  to decorate their homes or just look around and drink in the colors and the beauty that permeate throughout the store.

One day last month, we were among those who visited some popular flower shops and looked for potted plants and flowers to adorn our window sills. But first, we dropped by an old little cafe well-known for its delicious freshly-baked bread, cakes and cookies, to warm us up with hot coffee, chocolate and pastries.

Afterward, we moved on to the shops. The moment I entered, I was suddenly transported to spring and summer  as colorful flowers greeted me with their radiant smiles. There were fresh potted plants with pure green leaves and others with clusters of bright flowers. 

There were also artificial flowers that look so real that you can't tell from a distance whether they're fresh or artificial.

The shops also sell pots, vases, seeds, soil, gardening paraphernalia and every conceivable decoration for pots and gardens.

We bought only a few little flowerpots, but I was fully satisfied just by watching all those flowers and taking lots of pictures to preserve their beauty and to "plant" in my ever-expanding photographic garden where I can laze and merely drink my fill of their loveliness. Being there at the flower shops also animated my heart to "sing" silent praises to out Heavenly Father who, out of his love, created all these marvels of beauty to delight and enliven us.