Sunday, October 23, 2011

Autumn Still Sings in My Heart

The season is still here, though the golden colors have been fading away quickly. Contrary to my apprehension that that there might not be autumn foliages left on account of the winds and rains that threatened to strip away all the leaves from the trees earlier, this second autumn in my life has lived up to its golden season ephitet.

Although many trees had prematurely shed all their leaves, many more had kept their thick foliage that gradually transformed into the blazing colors of red, yellow and orange.  There had been so much to see everywhere, the distinctive gifts of the season that delight all nature-lovers.

(In the following mosaics are just some of the hundreds of pictures
of fall's lovely things that I took.)

Although most days were dark and rainy, or sometimes just cloudy...

....the days that were sunshiny exuded in intense brightness that cheered the gloom-stricken hearts,

....the sky was clear and blue, and everything under it glowed with vibrant colors,

...even the nights were serene and luminous, especially when the moon and stars were out, the afternoon, as the sun  descended, the westerly sky was emblazoned with golden and tangerine clouds.

Now, all such beauties are quickly fading away. Only a few trees are left with their golden leaves clinging to their twigs. And yet, the air is still crisp and refreshingly cool. Sometimes, the wind blows vehemently, yet comfortingly. Sometimes, the sun shines brilliantly, other times, it's murky and rainy. The days are shorter and the nights longer. The year moves on.

It's still a wonderful season filled with the music of lovely things gone and are still lingering. A season that is still marching to its completion, carrying with it a song that extols its incomparable splendor. A season that I know will keep singing in my heart even long after it's gone.

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"You (Almighty God) are opening your hand
And satisfying the desire of every living thing."
(Psalm 145:16)