Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Opens

Here I am again, standing at the portal of 2012. The past year has marched swiftly to its finish. A year that seems like days only. So short, but certainly not empty. Much has been put into it. So much that I wasn't able to store them all in my cyber treasure chest. 

I keep lagging behind. I should start this year with this blog, but I needed to post the previous one before it loses its sentimental strength. In fact, I'm still keeping many blog drafts from last year that I haven't completed, most of which are bare titles. But I still need to put them here even though they are quite late. I'm one who loves to keep pleasant memories and derive joy and strength from them by just going over them anytime I feel the debilitating effects of this cruel "present system of things". Such memories also remind me of the blessings that our Creator bestowed upon me, thus helping me to keep my heartfelt eternal gratitude to Him for his love and care.

Since I came here, over two years ago, I had been counting the years from the day I came, that is November 27. Hence, my circle of a year ended by November 26. And that's when I reviewed my year's activities. But this past year, I was away during that date and could not blog where I was, so I might start counting the year from January 1.

So this is a new beginning. I will again start filling this year with beautiful and worthwhile things, to make others happy, to comfort the depressed and lonely, to inspire the hopeless, to keep doing the will of our Creator more fully.

Let the year roll on....