Saturday, January 28, 2012

Twinkling Hope

In the serenity of winter, when the snowflakes danced in the air and the night was illuminated by the glorious whiteness that blanketed the land,  a soft whisper hovered close to my ears. It seemed to come from an uncharted depth of space. It's that distinctive voice of a fellow alien who I'd thought had been sucked by a blackhole. 

The voice intimated that she had been trapped in an unknown distant planet, but she heard my call that crept its way across the dark recesses of space to where she is. My messages in the darkest night reached her through the stars that twinkled in that planet's night sky. And pools of tears formed in her eyes.

My alien buddy still lives out there, though a million lightyears away. She  hasn't forgotten at all. She still keeps all her treasured memories of the past. She still believes in the promise of a wonderful future, still holds on to the beautiful memories of our friendship. 

She's trying to reach out ... to keep alive ... to survive. Someday, I know, she'll come out of that planet that trapped her. She will mount up to the space and travel past the stars. She will come to meet me.

We will have a wonderful tryst among the stars. Once again, we will forge ahead with our unfinished intergalactic odysseys. This time, I hope, the journey will be unruffled and will last forever.

For the moment,  I'll keep bidding the stars to twinkle for her, reassuring her that my silent calls in the night will always echo toward her, to strengthen her and inspire her to fight harder until she triumphantly frees herself out of that cosmic tangle that held her captive.

May all the stars keep twinkling their eternal messages of hope.