Saturday, December 22, 2012


I'm floating in space. 
Darkness percolated with the flickers of distant lights engulfs me. 
I keep walking, following the virtual lines
that mark the breadth of the cosmic pathway.  
My eyes are fixed far ahead, not realizing at once that I am treading
on innumerable tiny stars,  each one winking at me as I pass by. 
Henceforth, I keep my gaze focused below, 
relishing the festive sight of a million twinkles that meet me each stride that I take.
Yes, I'm floating, the stars beneath my feet keeping my equilibrium. 
Ah, rapture!

I finally look up as the giant star, Rigel, approaches. 
Through the mist that is illuminated by the light of this star, 
I watch the stardusts wafting in the air, their glitters blinking on and off 
as they dance and swirl under the starlight.
I let the stardusts sprinkle and bathe me;  
I breathe and drink in their immaculate glitters.
I am rejuvenated.

(image from starry skies wallpaper collection)

I keep moving on, adrift in the glitter-drenched space.  
Several lights are coming closer to me, evenly-spaced lights in curvy patterns, 
rectangular lights from edifices, moving circular lights in queue. 
I'm getting closer to my destination. 
Time to step out of my imaginary space odyssey.

What a cosmic walk in winter!

Upon reaching the main road, I see vividly the fine glittery snowflakes 
still dancing beneath the street lamps.  Neon lights surround me. 
Powdery crystals of snow keep whirling around me,
wrapping me up and grooming me to be at one with them.

The magic of winter!