Saturday, December 1, 2012


Weather forecast promised a lot of snow coming this weekend. 

It's happening right now, the wind blowing, the powdery snow filling the air and swirling as they settle on the ground. It started lightly in the morning, and keeps intensifying as the day advances. What used to be a thin blanket of snow is thickening into several layers as the snow keeps falling. 

The night is brightened up by the whiteness of snow. Walking through the thick snow is still pleasurable because of its light consistency. 

The temperature rose from -5 degrees C in the morning to -10 right now. It's chilly, but as always, I like the cold of winter.

Soon, there will be so much snow. Tomorrow, when I'll look out the window, a white splendor will greet me, I know. Something worth looking forward to, something exhilarating!

I took a few pictures today but haven't uploaded yet. And so I just post here a couple of pictures that describe the colors of my happiness even in a day like this.

I still love the whiteness and coldness of winter as much as I love the colors of spring, summer and fall!

Welcome 1st of December!

Have a wonderful weekend to all!