Monday, December 3, 2012

Where Every Cast Yields a Fish

Some months ago, when summer was giving way to fall, hubby and our boss agreed to go on a fishing trip. It was Friday evening, a time to unwind after a busy week at work.

Five of us crammed into the car of my boss, he and his two little daughters, hubby and I, with all our fishing paraphernalia. We set off to Rundvik, a village about 40 minutes ride from our city.

As usual, I was excited for this expedition because I would be using my own fishing rod this time and actually do the angling myself. When I did catch my first fish (a perch), I felt elated. After that first catch, every cast of my fishing line yielded a fish! Even the little girl was able to catch several fishes.

Apart from the thrill of having caught fishes, I also enjoyed taking pictures of the bay and anything around it that piqued my interest. It was also spirit-lifting just to be at one with nature and to drink in the serenity that saturated the atmosphere. And of course, it felt good doing such things together with friends.


We stayed there for several hours. Other anglers came and went, and perhaps we were the last to go home, at about 10 p.m. But the late summer sun still dawdled on the horizon even at this late hour. The bay was gilded with the glow of the evening sun  when we left....

...Replenished and satisfied.