Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another Dance With Aurora

I neglected to check the aurora forecast last Sunday, 17th of March, so that I was taken by surprise when hubby saw an aurora picture uploaded in our local news website right after the tv program that we were watching ended.  It was already past eleven in the night and I felt so tired and sleepy, but the event suddenly jolted me and made me dash to our backyard to check it out. Indeed, fragments of  green lights filled the whole sky right above us, flashing up with intensity, then fading away, and moving here and there gracefully.

I put on my jacket and boots, then grabbed my camera and tripod and ran toward the front door and out of our apartment building. There, I positioned my tripod and pointed the camera to where the brightest lights were presently dancing. Since the lights kept moving round and round, flashing on and off, I had to keep changing my points of view to capture some fragments of the entire show. Like my first aurora sighting two years back, this too is so huge that I could not see all of it, especially with all the buildings around me blocking the view. I was a little afraid to venture alone farther in an open space at this time of the night, so I just stayed close to our unit.  Those who went to Nydalasjön and took pictures  from the frozen lake got better views and really great pictures of the whole sky show. From my vantage point, though, the aurora danced around the sphere directly above me. But this time, the lights were more vibrant and the show longer and more spectacular.

So my camera got busy shooting here and there, at 15, 30 or 60 seconds exposures. As I left the camera alone to complete its jobs, I stood there watching, totally mesmerized by this amazing celestial spectacle. My heart just burst with unspeakable joy as I silently extolled the Creator of such stunning beauty.

Again, what I was able to capture are mere fragments, since even the wide-angle setting of my camera could not capture the whole of this colossal show.

Here are some links to a picture gallery of this night's aurora taken around here.

I kept watching alone in the deep of the night, my whole being merrily dancing in synchrony with the northern lights. 

Another ethereal dance with radiant Aurora. Another bliss.