Thursday, March 7, 2013

Winter's Promise

Last week, winter seemed to give way to spring. Temperature rose from below zero to around 5 plus. The sun, already called "vårsol" (spring sun),  had been out bright and warm almost everyday. All building roofs had their eaves dripping heavily with water that came from the melting snow. The ground snow began to shrink while streets and pavements turned to shallow pools of water, wet snow or solid ice. 

The sky was either completely blue or studded with varied cloud formations.   

The afternoon sky was mostly ablaze with the orange, red or pink glow of the setting sun.

Even the nights exhibited the silvery moon that glided across the deep blue of the evening sky.

Sunlight streamed through the windows. The cherry blossoms in the vase bloomed and glowed in the sunshine. Our fruits too gleamed as I photographed them.

Ski resorts were threatened with premature close-down of their business as the snowy slopes started to melt. Even the public skiing trails were in the brink of becoming unusable. These, in turn, disappointed some skiers who haven't had their fill of the winter sport yet.

It looked like winter promised to leave early this year. A favor for those who dislike the season and for those who are rushing to embrace the spring.

But then, this past Saturday, a blizzard swept almost the whole country, dumping several centimeters of fresh snow on the ground. The storm kept going until the next day.

When the snow storm finally subsided, soothing calm settled down. The thick clouds started to break out, revealing patches of blue and allowing the sun to peer through intermittently. The days came with occasional snowfall. Sleety grounds were once again coated with fresh layers of snow. Ski resorts got into full swing again.

Yesterday, snowfall and sunshine alternated throughout the day. The wind kept blowing fiercely, lifting off the snow and sent it swirling in the air like thick clouds, which reduced visibility of the surroundings.

And earlier today, I walked in the warmth of real spring sun, though temperature was still minus 7. But it's a soothing combination of cold and warmth.

Obviously, winter's promise is a bit fickly. No one can be so sure when it will really keep its promise. No matter what, even though winter keeps stalling or breaking its promise, it's fine with me. After all, I never get tired of snow, of the cold, of all the beauty that the season bequeaths to us and of wearing multiple winter clothes.

So... whether winter or spring, my heart keeps on singing.

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