Saturday, March 2, 2013

Gestures of Gratitude

Some kind acts or little gifts may seem insignificant to others, yet to one who has an appreciative and grateful heart, they mean a lot. They can touch the heart of the recipient and endear the givers to him/her.

I've crossed paths with many persons here who are so kind to me.  Some may not be my friends, though I wish they were, and yet, they show that they care about me in different ways. Their fine deeds have been inscribed in the gratitude "journal" that I keep in my heart.

Being touched in this way makes my creative juices flow profusely. And so, in my spare moments, even when I'm watching tv, I always find myself immersed in card-making, recycling juice boxes into decorative gift boxes and thinking out heartwarming words of thanks and appreciation that would go along with my artworks. I'm highlighting some of my finished products here.

This one's for a Swedish couple who have been generous to us since we came here.

These two went to a German family for whom I'm working. I admire their family unity, responsibility and the way they make time for family bonding and recreation. I'm impressed by their humility despite the couple's honored professions as a science professor/researcher at the university and a doctor of anesthesiology at the university hospital. And I'm truly moved by their kindness and amiable treatment to me. I sincerely salute to this amazing couple.

Here's to an Australian friend who has immigrated to Sweden a long time ago. She's one of my first associates in some missions, a constant companion in the field, who had been supportive to me and made me feel at home when I was still new here. A sort of thank-you and encouragement card.

Here's to a Swedish couple in Örebro, who welcomed us to stay in their house for two days when we attended the wedding of a friend there. We were then strangers to one another, and yet, they heartily accepted us as their guests. They proved to be kind-hearted, generous and easy to be with. And we became good friends.

This one's for an elderly man who came to pick us at the airport upon our arrival in this country over three years ago. He was also a stranger to us, sent by my hubby's acquaintance to pick us up with his car. Later on, we became friends too, and he invited us for a "fika" (snack) in his home one day. He served us with "smörgåstårta" and "semlor", popular Swedish cakes which I tasted for the first time. He's a very caring and loving gentleman.

Between winter and spring last year, a Greek Cypriot-turned-British couple who settled in Sweden invited  a small group of friends for a meal at their home in a village close to Umeå. We were among the group. The couple prepared sumptuous Greek foods for us, which I ate with much gusto.  After meal, the couple let us use their dining table to play table tennis right in the dining room. I immensely enjoyed playing with a retired elderly doctor who was also with us, and was really skilled in this sport. It's the only sport I really love to play.  That was another day that filled my heart with gratitude.

This one's for a customer who was appreciative of my service in their home. She's an owner of a rehabilitation institute around here, and has not much time for all the household chores. So I have to help up regularly. One day in December, I found lying on the table a gift from her and her hubby addressed to me - a big box of chocolates! I was so touched, knowing that we haven't known each other well yet. But they fully trust me. In gratitude for their kindness, I made this thank-you  card for them.

Sure, there are many more who deserve to get such expressions of gratitude. I've already posted some of them in the past. Others are still in my waiting list. 

And there is always room in my busy life to express in different ways my appreciation and gratitude to the worthy ones. I'm sure that my gestures have good effects on the recipients and me. 

Have a great weekend to all my readers!