Sunday, July 14, 2013

Not A Boring Moment

There is not a dull moment or a boring day for one who keeps himself preoccupied with wholesome activities and has an affinity with nature where he can always find something that makes him aglow and joyful everyday.

No matter how quiet the place, how empty the streets, and how dark the day, there is always something magical in the sky, among the trees and other vegetation, and the ground under our feet that our well-trained eyes can transmit to our brain where the magic grows and is eventually spread throughout the body by all the synapses that exist therein.

Sometimes, it takes only a very little thing to vanish any vestige of loneliness and boredom and make us soar in bliss. All we need is an appreciative eye and an open mind and heart to absorb the deeper essence of little things. Then each day, each moment becomes colorful, vibrant and richly blessed. Spirit-lifting!

"Let your love be without hypocrisy....
cling to what is good....
Do not loiter at your business.
Be aglow with the spirit....
Rejoice in the hope."
(Romans 12:9-12)

Just sharing a bit of my personal philosophy and experience.

May you all have a cheery and enchanting Sunday!

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