Saturday, July 6, 2013

Circling the Lake of Tavelsjö

A few days before midsummer, we set out again to the countryside just to look around, enjoy the idylls of rural scenery and the serenity of the atmosphere.

One of our well-loved villages around our city is Tavelsjö, a pastoral place with hillside neighborhoods set in exquisitely verdant surroundings.  Groups of houses and colorful meadows wreathe around the lake. Circling this lake in different seasons has become our yearly habit.

On our way to the lake, we spotted this lone reindeer heading toward the road. We pulled over to take a few shots.

When it saw us, it started to run away.

Then it came back to pick up some food.

Perhaps it noticed my camera, so it favored us with a momentary pose. 

This end corner of the lake has never lost its charm to me, and so we stopped by to enjoy the view. We noticed a solitary horse grazing in the meadows. We tried to wheedle it to come closer, but it wouldn't cooperate. It didn't care at all.

It finally looked up.

And just stood there, staring at us.

Then a huge bird flew overhead, too fast that I didn't have enough time to learn which bird it was. I just blindly pointed the camera to it and pressed the shutter. Bad capture, a mere blurry silhouette.

Here's an interesting cellar that caught my eyes while driving along,

and a meadow with lounging cows.

an old barn beside the lake ( a drive-by shot),

a hilly landscape (another drive-by shot),

some curlews (storspov in Swedish),

a little pool with the buttercups and queen anne's lace meadow behind the trees,

and a partial view of a village from a hill.

It didn't take long for us to circle the lake and drive through the villages, but even in such a brief travel, I found many things that lifted my spirits and strengthened my bond to the Maker of such wonderful things.