Monday, July 15, 2013

This Year's First Blueberries

The berries in the field came too early this year like the summer flowers. I didn't expect to go picking this early, but there I was last Friday in a little pine grove nearby with dense blueberry undergrowth. 

Just the few square meters section of the bushes that I worked on yielded about 3 liters of berries. I know that's too little, but good enough for the time being. I didn't intend to gather much this time because we would be picking from a vast field in the countryside later. At least, we have some fresh berries for our muesli breakfasts and ice cream desserts for several days. 

I was so happy with my little harvest, mainly because I really love to pick and I had been longing to pick again. I came home to winnow my first blueberry harvest for this year. 

And this is another bit of joy added to my treasure chest of simple pleasures.