Monday, August 19, 2013

Fishing By The Rapids

It was early July when hubby and a friend, Mikael,  agreed to go fishing in a nearby community called Vindeln where powerful rapids rumble along the Vindelälven (Vindel river). Both are passionate about fishing. I and Raquel (Mikael's wife) followed, of course. We also share the same passion for photography. The two men were armed with fishing paraphernalia, while the two of us had our cameras slung around our necks.

That afternoon when we arrived there was cloudy with a little rainshower.  But when we got to the river, the clouds began to thin out. As expected, the voluminous rapids churned violently with a crashing sound. 

We took the trail along the river banks and traversed a few hanging bridges in search of a favorable spot for angling.

While my companions fished, I just kept on taking lots of pictures, as usual. I also wanted to angle but it looked like it was bad timing because my companions had not a single fish caught. We changed locations, but we got the same result. 

After several tries, we stopped at a resting place equipped with picnic tables and a grill. There we grilled sausages for our "fika" (snack) with bread, coffee and soft drink. We went home afterwards at past 8 p.m.

Even if we didn't catch a fish, this trip was in no way futile. We were out there in the midst of nature. I, for one, soaked my soul in the wonders that exist around the river.

Look what treasures I've amassed!

Wishing you all a wonderful week!