Monday, August 12, 2013

Where Are The Berries?

What? No rowanberries this year? Yeah, I just noticed it some days ago as I was taking a walk. Those trees that used to yield bounteous berries don't have a single berry at all. Even the two small trees we have in our backyard  gave forth just a handful of berries. In contrast, last year's rowans flaunted huge clusters of berries the weight of which bent down each stem that held a cluster. 

Here are some photos that I took last year.

This year, though, I have nothing to present. What does the absence of these berries indicate about the coming winter?

On the other hand, other berries in the field, like blueberries, cloudberries and raspberries provided super abundant fruits for everyone to relish this summer and onwards as we have more harvest to preserve in the freezer.

So, many trees are without warm colors this summer, let alone in autumn when all the leaves will have fallen. No eye candies for me, and definitely nothing to shoot.

But of course, I'm still blissful for all the other natural beauties that are found everywhere. After all, the rowans will surely be back next year.

Stay happy!