Friday, August 23, 2013

Grill Time With The Big Boss

On July 23, our big boss invited us for a little grill party at his house in Övik. "Us" consisted of our company supervisor, his wife, hubby and I. Actually, the main reason for our trip there was to have our supervisor's car fixed. Since our big boss is a mechanic enthusiast, he willingly offered to fix the car the way he did with ours some years back. He also prepared different marinated meat for grilling. And it's also nice to get away to a nearby city for a while and see about the place and our boss' house once again.

His two kids were there too, including his nephew, same three kids with whom we traveled to the polar circle way back in 2011. They have grown big now. It felt good to be reunited with them in another summer setting.

Car-fixing done, the big boss undertook the grilling job himself. He seemed to enjoy doing things, and I think he's also workaholic. We set the dining table in his spacious yard, where we devoured the abundant grilled pork and chicken, and mango salad (which hubby and I brought).

After the dinner, we played football (sort of, not the real one) and badminton. While playing, the call for coffee and dessert came. We had ice cream and a bowl of fresh strawberries. Mmm....

Time to go home. We rode the newly-fixed car, which worked perfectly. Hurrah to the mechanic big boss!!!

It's one more tasty memory stored in my sentimental treasure archive.