Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fortifying Social Gathering

It happened in August 18, at a vacation house in a nearby community called Nordmaling, specifically Rundvik.

A kind-hearted family invited the whole English Cong. (composed of different nationalities) for a dinner at their vacation house. Hubby and I, along with three other male companions, set off in our car that Sunday afternoon at past three. We arrived there to find quite a big crowd, in fact, almost everybody save for six members.

The house is big, the grass-carpeted yard so spacious, which is perfect for playing and running around. Everyone was well into happy conversations, the little kids frolicking, foods being set on the table.

I got several hugs upon arrival. I joined in the gaiety. I had fun being with all of them. I took lots of pictures to freeze every moment. I wanted to remember this for the rest of my life.

The anticipated call, "Dinner's ready!" sounded out. We gathered around the table. Look at those cakes! These are Scandinavian cuisine dishes popular in Sweden. They are called "smörgåstårta" or sandwich-cake, normally made up of several layers of light rye bread with creamy fillings in between. The fillings and toppings vary, but eggs and mayonnaise are usually the base.  Our hosts prepared two kinds of fillings to give us a variety of tastes to relish.

Well, it goes without saying that everyone enjoyed the yummy cakes. Desserts were served arfterwards, along with coffee and tea.

The party did not end here. The evening was still bright and long. We played different games, both educational and entertaining. Old and young merrily played together. Some went in for ball games, others jumped on a trampoline.

When we have had our fill of merriment and physical "exercise", we gathered in a corner to sing Kingdom songs heartily with guitar accompaniment performed by the eldest son of the family host. We didn't bring any songbook, so we used our tablets and cellphones to follow the lyrics, except those who have memorized them.

hubby is not here because he took this photo

Twilight finally crept in and physical weariness nudged us to go home and take a rest. We said our goodbyes and left.

The memory of this summer night is another treasued jewel stored in my "memory capsule". The event had been a fortifying dose for my spiritual, social and physical well-being. It's the best social gathering I've ever joined in this place so far.