Saturday, October 26, 2013

One Autumn Evening and Morning

one Tuesday afternoon
the sky darkened as snow clouds gathered
the mischievous winds played around
swaying the trees in a blast
shaking off the remaining yellow foliage
which added a new layer 
over the already thick pile of fallen leaves
the winds were not done yet
they frolickly raced close to the ground
dragging the leaves
making them race against one another
floating here and there
landing everywhere

the night set in
cuttingly cold and wet
snow came falling, thickening in the air
blanketing the ground with pristine whiteness
persisting throughout the night
draping a mantle of whiteness
that illuminated the dark

morning came with the rain
not a vestige of last night's snow remained
the day was wet and misty
setting many to depressive mode
cloaking others with lonesomeness
utterly paralyzing

not for me, though
for I've set my mind to a constant mode:
gloom, rain, snow or shine
I always feel incredibly fine!