Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Paradox of Spring Equinox

Just a brief note.

Today is the vernal equinox for this year, 2014. You may read the explanation from the National Geographic

And guess what's going on this day? A snow storm, class 1! We're having lots and lots of snow again, which is blanketing the already dry ground. What a cool way to commence a lovely season!

I can't help imagining the confusion this might cause to the birds who have come home from the south and the budding vegetation. I can see them like a video played backward, the birds flying back and the buds shrinking back into their safe shelter in the tips of the twigs.

And to think that yesterday was awash with sunshine! And a sundog loomed in the afternoon sky as if to herald the official arrival of  spring equinox.

I embraced this change of weather. Today, as I walked from one work place to the next, I savored the touch of the falling snow and the fresh whiteness that covered the ground. I turned my face upward and let the snowflakes caress my skin. Hmmm....blissful sensation.

So spring is making up for winter's shortage. And winter is here as a guest of spring. Just for a short while.

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