Sunday, September 28, 2014

September Morn

The morning of September 20 gave me spell-binding surprises. I'm speaking about the gifts of nature that may seem commonplace to others but can also be a source of a dose of daily joy that helps us stay strong amid life's constant struggles.

I woke up that morning to find the grass in silver hue. Ah, a gossamer blanket of woven dews! So what's so big about these little dews? They're just a common morning element, eh? True, but if we look more closely, they're not that little, ordinary thing at all. Let me start the zooming process from this wider view:

Do you see a set of footsteps here?

Let's get a little closer. Each tiny bead actually reflects the colors of light as seen from certain angles.

Look at these withered tiny weeds. They have turned into a bowl brimming over with minute sparkling dewdrops!

What about cobwebs? At first sight, they're just plain white flimsy things straggling on the grass.

Up close, each strand holds astronomical beads of dew that looks like interwoven strings of tiny crystals!

These are just some of the beauties existing under our feet.

Now, for a surprise over our heads, as I engrossed myself into poring over the grass in quest of those little things, I was also aware of the radiant sun above me, which caused all those dewdrops to sparkle. And so I shifted my view toward the sky, and, ta-da! A sundog complete with a rainbow-colored halo! As usual, I followed its development and took several shots.

The Creator of the mechanisms that produce these things once asked a faithful man of old, named Job:

"Does there exist a father for the rain, or who gave birth to the dewdrops?
Who put wisdom in the cloud layers?...
Who can exactly number the clouds in wisdom,
or the water jars in heaven - who can tip them over?"
(Job 38:28,36,37)

Of course, Job had no answer to these humbling questions, nor any other man in existence. Only our Creator knows everything.

Back to that morning, when this heavenly phenomenon melted away, I turned my gaze down, between heaven and earth, and saw how beautifully the small flowers in our flower bed bloomed in this particular morning. They were the last flowers that closed the summer and ushered in the autumn.

This September morning was indeed packed with wonderful things which appeared to be nature's lovely way of saying goodbye to summer and hello to autumn.

"Heaven in under our feet as well as over our heads."
- Henry David Thoreau, Walden

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