Thursday, September 24, 2015

Goodbye to Summer Travels and Camping

One Saturday before our weekly meeting, a couple noticed our car in the parking lot still packed with our camping pharaphernalia. They understood what that meant because their car was in the same state. We exchanged meaningful smiles.

At that time,  though we have had our major summer vacations, travels and camping were still far from over. We didn't have specific plans at all where or when to travel again, but we just let our camping gear stay in the car the way we left them there from our last journey. Opportunity would just come at the spur of the moment, but we were always prepared.

And so it came last August 21 when hubby and I would be meeting our boss and his family, who went ahead on the 17th, at a camping site in the municipality of Storuman. We followed in the weekend after my work. It's the same camping place where we set up our tent last year. 

The plan was to go fishing in the lakes, pick blueberries and just relax. Unfortunately, we did not get to use our tent because hubby opted to rent a cabin instead to avoid the hassle of setting up the tent and everything that goes with it. Anyway, the cabin was comfy with complete amenities too.

drinking my tea after unpacking our stuffs

While hubby and our boss went fishing in the lakes, the boss' wife and I picked blueberries from a nearby hillside. Even their little girl savored the joy of her first blueberry-picking experience.

quite a big catch by the boss' wife

Sometimes, I'd roam about all by myself, soaking in the serenity of the place and reveling in its rustic beauty, and then, of course, capturing images in different angles.


And in the night after fishing and picking, we grilled chicken and pork beside the trailer of our boss, then ate together in their "dining" side-tent.

This proved to be our final camping activity this summer. After that, we unloaded our camping stuffs from our car and stowed them in our storage room where they rest until next summer again.

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