Monday, September 7, 2015

The Art Of Healthful Walking

Many are already familiar with the effects of regular walking on our health. So I'm not going to elaborate this subject here except for the fact that daily walking for 30 minutes without interruption is highly recommended in our city and is being practiced by many residents.

Hence, our city is furnished with walking trails or lanes apart from the main streets. They're actually everywhere, at times running parallel with the roads/streets or through dense woods/forests within the city, well-equipped with lamp posts all the way for those who walk during night time, or beside the rivers or lakes. 

This is where the art and beauty of walking come into play. Most of these paths are built or situated in natural settings where wildflowers flourish and thus adorn the sides of the trails, making the walks more enjoyable. And who isn't refreshed by a walk through the woods under the towering pine, spruce, birch and other trees? 

The benefits of such walking are invaluable. And sure, it works, such as in the case of my hubby who was diabetic, overweight and had a high blood pressure. After some weeks of walking, everything turned to normal and he's losing much weight. His overall health had improved remarkably. Same with me. I feel much better physically. Not that I have those health problems, but that I'm at risk for such illnesses. Walking is a very effective means to eliminate the risk and prevent illnesses. And it's working fine with me.

So we keep on walking, here, there and everywhere! We take different routes and feast our eyes on the diversity of sceneries. More often, hubby is ahead while I'm tailing him and taking snapshots. 

walking even during our holiday in Norway

Truly an enjoyable, aesthetic and healthful walk! Let's go walking!!!!

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