Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sailing Away From Lofoten

Waves of thrill and sadness crashed against each other within me when the ferry carried us off the shores of Sorvågen in Lofoten. I felt sad to leave these beautiful islands and at the same time thrilled to sail across the Norwegian Sea towards mainland Norway.

Taking this route had not been our plan from the start. We would have to retrace the same route that we took when we came. But then, that would cost us another night in a camping, some more tanks of fuel for the car and quite a lot of time. So pragmatism led us to make this split second decision to take the ferry instead.

As is my custom, I stood on the deck  watching the wake patterns generated by the ferry. I watched the small harbor retreat to the horizon while capturing images of a lighthouse standing on a crag that we passed. I kept my eyes glued to the mountains slowly shrinking in the distance as we sailed away. I saw the water gulp down the land.

I read from a book regarding time and space (I don't remember which book) stating that an airplane has the space while a ship has the time. Okay, we had about four hours to cross the sea to our destination, which was quite much in view of the fact that there was nothing to do once inside the passenger ferry. How could we while way that ample time without getting bored? 

After reading a portion of the book that I took with me and then eating our lunch, I went up the deck to check if there was something to see out in the vast sea. There were many others standing there with cameras slung around their necks. 

The expanse of water had been broken by rocky islands in different formations and magnitude. As the ferry closed the distances, cameras started clicking. I aimed at the ones that intrigued me, shooting at different angles.

This one reminded me of Mt. Sinai, where God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses.

These others called to mind some Scriptures that extol our Creator's appealing qualities.

"Indeed, he is my rock and my salvation, 
my secure refuge;  I will never be shaken."
- Psalm 62:6

"My body and my heart may fail, 
but God is the rock of my heart and my portion forever."
-Psalm 73:26

"The Rock, perfect is his activity, for all his ways are justice.
A God of faithfulness who is never unjust.
Righteous and upright is he."
- Deuteronomy 32:4

As a lighthouse enthusiast, I also photographed the lighthouses that we passed.

I fell in love with this island with white-sand beach the moment I laid eyes on it. I wish we could also set up our tent there just like those two tents on the grass carpet. The boat here conjured up an image of pirate ships. Hehehe....

Our ferry sailed past the series of islands until the coastlal city of Bodo came into view.  I zoomed my camera in.

As soon as the vessel docked, we got to our car and rolled off the ferry ( called ro-ro or roll-on/roll-off). From there, we drove on, across a vast terrain, past the Norwegian snowy mountain range. (All images here were taken from our speeding car.)

When we crossed the border, we felt at home.  This warm light of the night welcomed us back to our homeland.

Lofoten had been miles behind us, and yet, it felt so close.

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