Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Jaunting Through the Countryside

I've been quiet for some weeks. Maybe I was also struck by that virus that corrodes our enthusiasm to blog. But then, my journal-keeping self persistently nags me to not neglect storing my beautiful memories in my cyberhome. I have so many joyful memories that are worth-keeping which remain unwritten, and I'll try to recall them and write them even though they've become months old.

Autumn is soon over and yet I haven't made a follow-up blog to my initial fall chronicle. Many things have transpired since then. In this blog, I'm going to record our short trips to different villages around our city where fall commenced its marching.

Since most "readers" enjoy viewing pictures without reading the background story, I'm writing the whole story of our country road trips this fall through my photographs.

From my favorite village:

a lake beach

way to Tavelsjöberget

the village's center

entrance to the hiking trails (read our hiking adventure here)

Another village with a lake:

The barley field in another village:

Coming out to the highway, shot from our speeding car:

The rapids of Vindelälven :

...and the cute house and cabin along the river:

A cabin on a hill with blueberry carpets, and the view from that hill:

Views from a ski resort:

A very windy but sunny day while driving around:

Rural creatures captured:

Here ends my idyllic jaunt among the gold and greens of fall. 

.....But not the end of my fall chronicle yet. Some more of my future posts will showcase the autumn colors in our city.

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