Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tangerine Clouds Across the Auroras

The first half of October was again arrayed with northern lights.  Sounds like they're really becoming more and more common. Common sights, yes, but not common beauty and wonder. My eagerness and fascination at seeing them have never waned at all. They still hold me spellbound.

Everyday I check the forecast. Every night I go out of our veranda door and check the sky. Sometimes, the overcast sky hide them from view. At times, they're too low on the horizon even though they're active.

On the night of October 6, the forecast showed high activities. The night was windy with patches of clouds drifting across the sky. Would they spoil my aurora viewing that night?

My camera went into a frenzy. Something different (specifically for me) was underway! Look what I beheld!

Clouds floated across the green lights. As the minutes glided by, the clouds gradually turned colors, yellow, peach, tangerine, burnt sienna, red.

The sky was painted with splashes of green, purple, blue and tangerine lights.



And the stars regained the limelight.

Once again, I blissfully bathed in these awe-inspiring celestial colors!

This proved to be a prequel to the following night's awesome sky show, which I'm going to post in the near future.

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