Saturday, November 7, 2015

Trekking in the Skuleskogen National Park

September 20, 2015

To be or not to be.... excuse me for the cliche, but that's just it as we waffled over whether to pursue our plan to hike in Skuleskogen or not on account of the fickly weather. In our city, the sky was cloudy but with some glowing bluish patches.

We chose to go with hopes that the weather would be better a little down south.  Höga Kusten (the High Coast) is just about two-hour drive from our city, so it would not be much of a waste in case the weather wouldn't be any better.

Our approach to the the High Coast was greeted with heavy rain. Another moment of "to be or not to be" decision making, to move on or to retreat and travel back home. We almost opted for the latter, but then, our wanderlust (ah, that thing again!) goaded us to keep driving.

When we arrived there, the sky brightened a bit and a slight shower floated in the air. We went straight to the  south entrance of the forest where we could follow a trail. The few parked cars indicated that even in this unfavorable weather, there were hikers roving about in the forest. And we met some along they way, who spoke different languages. 

This park is included in UNESCO World Heritage List, which also explains its popularity among foreign hikers.  Information about this national park can be read here: Skuleskogen National Park.

Again, I'll let my pictures describe the section of the national park that we trekked and our hiking adventure.

Here we go!!!!

the trail we chose

hubby leading the way 

some of the topological characteristics of the park along this trail

hedgehog mushrooms (hydnum repandum), very tasty mushrooms 

climbing up to Trollporten

 we made it this high

I climbed higher to see one of the crowning features of the park: the Slottdalsskrevan at the end of the trail.

wearing my disposable plastic "poncho"  to avoid getting wet, "the little blue riding hood"

back to where we started, the view to the sea

a rainbow meeting us on our way back home

It's another wonderful memory of being at one with nature. 

Just hubby and I and the marvels of our loving Creator's gifts. 

Rejuvenating and spirit-lifting!

Have a great weekend!

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