Thursday, December 17, 2015

New Home

My heart is sighing for not being able to write here for over a month. After my previous blog, I've been occupied with packing our stuffs in preparation for our moving to a new unit that we've finally found after years of waiting.

Our contract was supposed to start  Feb. 1, 2016, but then, the tenants of the unit that we signed up for had to move to another city as early as mid-Nov., we we could start occupying the place by Dec. 1. That meant that we had ample leeway to move our stuffs little by little with our car. On Nov. 25, though, a couple of friends helped up in hauling our furniture in  a borrowed truck and carrying them up to our fifth floor unit. 

That same night, we slept in our new home for the first time. Our boxes remained unopened for some days. Now, most of our stuffs have been in place, save for some ornaments and pieces of furniture which we couldn't decide yet where best to put them. That can wait.

Sure, everything in our new apartment unit is just perfect for us. We've checked out many units before which the housing company offered us, but this is the only one we really liked right from the moment we laid eyes on it, like a love-at-first-sight. We said yes to the offer, not sure if we could get it since we were only fourth in a queue of prioritized applicants. I prayed for it, and then, when the decision came, we were overjoyed to know that the unit was ours! Woo-ho-ho!!!! Another prayer answered, another blessing!

The apartment compound consists of four Toblerone shaped buildings. Our unit is on the fifth floor.

The interior is not photo-ready yet, but I want to include here some pictures of the empty unit, just a memory of how it looked like then.

Every apartment flat/unit in this country has a veranda, and ours offers a good view of the parking area and the woods beyond,

...a partial sunset,

...a view to the closest buildings in our compound,

...and an almost perfect vantage point for viewing the northern lights!

Now we are happy with our new home. It's quite luxurious according to our SIMPLE lifestyle, and that's what makes us truly happy and blessed.

Here's one of our first dinners.

More updates later. I still have several past memories to store here.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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