Friday, September 24, 2010

Autumn Begins: The Reign of Blazing Colors

It has actually began some weeks ago when many birch trees gradually turned yellow, especially the inner leaves, those closest to to the trunk.

Now, many have turned yellow all over.

The bushes too had  transformed into deep red and orange colors. And much of these foliage have fallen, blanketing the ground with nearly dried leaves.

Most of the aspens too have become yellow and orange, though others are still in the process of transformation.

The maple trees have started to showcase their elegant colors but they haven't reached the peak of their splendor yet.

Everyday I keep on watching out for slight changes, but it looks like all the leaves are transforming too fast. There's a strikingly noticeable change in their appearance each day. Sometimes, I'm afraid that all the leaves might suddenly fall, and there's nothing left for me to photograph. I want to go to the hills, the countryside and the high coast to get a glimpse of the autumn glory there and preserve its beauty through my camera. But would there still be time for this? Would the leaves cling to the twigs long enough for me to enjoy their beauty?

By the way, fall also means very cold weather here. I always find myself shivering in the chilly air as I go out. Sometimes it rains or it showers. Sometimes, it just gets dark and cloudy. 

There are times, though, when we experience an Indian summer, those days in autumn when the sun is out and remarkably warm.

I love this season too, and I'm looking forward to other interesting features of this season's reigning.