Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Forest

We've been prowling through the woods in search of mushrooms, and we have stepped into different kinds of forests inhabited  by diverse flora. Some forests are home to some kinds of vegetation while others are more hospitable to other kinds. But all of them are teeming with several varieties of mushrooms.

In one of our forest-trips, we came across one that looked like a fairy tale setting. It covered just a little section of the entire woods, which set it apart from the general appearance of the whole area. The ground was carpeted with mosses.

There were ant lines or ant ways (?) cutting through the mosses,

leading to the ant hill,

or to the base of a tree.

We also spotted some rare coral mushrooms amongst the mosses.

And some old bones from the remains of a dead moose or other wild animals.

I was so engrossed with these things that I discovered here that I forgot for a moment the purpose of our trek to this forest. I was spellbound by the magical atmosphere, and the feeling of being a part of a fairy tale danced within me. Never in my whole life have I been in this kind of place, and this  experience is another step for me toward my journey to new discoveries that will become a part of this current chapter of my life.

As the shadows became longer, we got out of the woods, joyful and satisfied.