Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mushrooms Are Mushrooming

Earlier in my life, I had never been a mushroom enthusiast, though I like to eat mushrooms. It was my hubby who sparked in me a liking for mushrooms. He has always been a mushroom lover ever since he was two years old, and he developed the skill to identify edible and poisonous mushrooms. When he grew up, he became a mycologist without actually going to school and study the course. It was merely his natural ability. As he spoke with me about mushrooms, my interest in them gradually started to grow. Now, I enjoy going to the woods with him and pick these edible fungi.

From the start of summer to this early fall, my hubby and I have been regularly visiting the forests in search of the most delicious mushrooms that exist here. Actually, mushrooms are flourishing everywhere in abundance, not only in the forests but also alongside the roads where the grass grows. There are many varieties of mushrooms here, and most of them are edible, but we only pick the best ones for our food.

Here are some of them that I photographed:

Being a mushroom enthusiast now, I'm highly fascinated with every kind of mushroom that I discover, though I still can't identify all of them yet. And I "pick" all of them and preserve them through my camera. Here are a few of those I collected.

My other mushroom photos are compiled in my album found in the following link: