Friday, October 8, 2010

Along the City River

It was a cold and quiet Monday morning. There were not so many people walking around at the time. From SFI school (Swedish for Immigrants / Svenska för Invandrare) where I'm currently studying the language, I took a walk to the city center. The icy air made me shiver and the cutting autumn wind blew my hair and made my eyes teary. Still, I relished such walk amid the chilly morning. As I ambled along, I surveyed every corner that I passed by to see if there were changes in the colors of vegetation. Fall has arrived that time (about two weeks ago), and many of the trees were still green though some of their leaves have turned yellow, orange and red.

I walked past the square, the shops which were still closed, the restaurants and other business establishments, to the parks and down the city river. By the time I got there, the sunshine had warmed up a bit. I paced along the boardwalk  that extended toward the middle of the river.

I swept my eyes through the surrounding scenery. It was indeed a fine day, the sky so clear and blue. The air was still, and so was the water of the river that reflected the images of everything that stood on both sides of the river. I took several shots in different angles before I squatted down near the end of the boardwalk where I lingered and just let the loveliness of this autumn morning bathe me.

After getting myself rejuvenated by the serenity and loveliness around me, I kept strolling along the riverbank and proceeded past the main bridge down to the other bridge where only cyclists and pedestrians are allowed to cross.

From that pedestrians' bridge, I snapped this view of another section of the river where a pathway runs alongside it, leading pedestrians, joggers and cyclists to and from the forests, a little lake and some residential areas.

From the bridge, I came out to another little park that retained it summer ambience by the presence of silver and evergreen trees which were unaffected by autumn's changing colors, except for the birch trees standing alongside them. I sat down on one of the benches for a few minutes to bask in the warm sunshine. 

There was more to explore along the river but the need for lunch summoned me to go home. Well, that was enough for that day. Enough blessings to rejuvenate my spirits, just enough reason for that day to once again thank the Creator of all such marvelous things. I already spend the whole morning wandering around, enjoying the scenery and taking a lot of pictures.  Some other day again, and another round of stroll along the city river.