Monday, October 11, 2010

Morning Dewdrops

The sight of tiny dewdrops clinging on flowers and leaves mesmerizes me. Each morning as I pass by some plants and see their flowers and leaves gilded all over with tiny dewdrops, I stop for a few moments and gaze at their  crystalline loveliness that sparkles in the sun. As I shift angles, the droplets glitter with different colors as they reflect the colors of light. The sight is just so stunning that I find it hard just to leave them behind. Instead, I keep lingering, feasting my eyes on them and freezing the images in different angles with my camera.

Here are some of the pictures I've taken.

Here's also a poetry I  stumbled upon one day as I was searching for poems or quotes about dewdrops. This poem appeals to me as it eloquently describes dewdrops, as I personally see them.

Dewdrops In The Early Morn
Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA

Seen upon those fragile flowers
Glist'ning 'neath the leafy bowers.
Brought there by the misting showers,
Dewdrops in the early morn.

Then kissed there by the warming sun,
The drying of the earth's begun.
With daylight now o'er all has won.
A brand new day now is born.

Heating up the atmosphere,
By the warming sun brought near
Showing all things bright and clear,
With beauty now this day adorn.

All too soon the night will fall,
Beckoned forth by starlight's call.
With the moonlight over all,
The darkness there by all is worn

Then with the night, the mists return,
The moisture falls without concern.
On bowers there and growing fern,
Dewdrops in the early morn.

I found it from this link: