Sunday, October 24, 2010

White Saturday

Last night, just as I turned off the lights before going to bed, an unusually bright light streamed through the sides of our windows' blinds. I opened the blinds and was thrilled to see the ground and bushes covered all over with snow. I wasn't aware before that it had been snowing, and the snowfall went on through the night.

In the morning, when sleep and wakefulness still played tug-of-war in my semi-consciousness, the vision of snowy landscape flickered lightly in my mind, which finally nudged me to complete wakefulness. I bolted out of bed, headed straight to the windows and pulled up the blinds.

The sun was already up, illuminating the otherwise gloomy morning. Everything outside was blanketed with snow as thick as three to four inches, which also contributed to the brightness of the morning.

My eyes were drawn toward the couple of little rowan trees standing in our backyard. I was thrilled by the sight of snow piled up over the few bunches of red berries that still clang to the tips of some twigs. I put on my boots and jacket and went out to take a few shots. The snow started to melt and turned to ice in the form of drips, which glistened like crystals.

It looks like winter is sneaking in to a period where it doesn't belong. Autumn is still reigning, but some of its days are being showered with snowflakes. Eccentric, but in a way, the world is full of eccentricity these days, which we have come to terms with. 

Strange as it may seem, this kind of irregularity still amazes me. It's like a surprise that breaks the monotonous days which are usually dark, rainy and windy. The sight of snow at a time when it should not be there suddenly lifts up my spirits. And I find myself "soaking in" the all-white purity of the snow.

The advancing day completely melted  the snows clinging to the vegetation, though it failed to melt out those in the ground, which lent brightness to the night. The sun went down to the other side of the globe, leaving a trail of tangerine streaks in the horizon. 

The full moon took its place in the firmament, its radiantly silver face  smiling down at anyone looking at it. It had been a lovely day.