Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Out In The Night With The Supermoon

23 June 2013, past midnight

Before midnight, I went out to our back porch and surveyed the sky in search of the supermoon. It was nowhere to be found. Since our neighborhood is surrounded by several apartment buildings and towering trees, I figured out that perhaps, it was rolling horizontally behind those trees. A bit disappointed, I went back inside, thinking that I might miss it again this year like all the previous years that I had been watching out for it.

At past midnight, I looked out again through our window blinds in a desperate attempt to find it. This time, I espied a glow behind the foliage of the pine trees. I went out for the second time to check it out. It was the moon! And so big! Since I couldn't see the whole of it, I set out on a tour around the neighborhood to get a better view of it.

Finally, I was able to witness this phenomenon called perigee, the moon's closest point to earth. Even though midnight here is bright this time of the year, the moon's golden face glowed clearly amidst the semi-bright blue sky.

While I was shooting the moon in many angles, my eyes were drawn by fiery gleams of light in the part of the sky opposite the supermoon. Then I saw a pillar of light projecting across the streaks of blazing stratus clouds. Another light phenomenon that graced the sky in conjunction with the supermoon. What a midnight treat!

I went back home at past one in the morning, happy and satisfied. And I slept soundly and sweetly.

"(God) has made the moon for appointed times;
The sun itself knows well where it sets."
-Psalm 104:19