Saturday, January 18, 2014

Another Sun Dog Occurrence

Yesterday morning at a little past 10 a.m., as I got out of the building where I just finished my first job and took several steps away, my eyes were drawn toward the direction of the sun. I saw in an instant the familiar solar form which takes place mostly in winter. My heart hammered in excitement. I knew that something marvelous was in the offing.

Every few steps that I took on my way to my next job, I captured the sun in different angles. While I was dead set on capturing this solar phenomenon, I was conscious of the little things right under my nose, which also exhibited their subtle beauty. These too are a humble source of life's simple pleasures.

I moved on until I reached a spot where I saw in plain view what I had suspected - a sun dog, the sun with two smaller mock suns or lights on both sides. My first sun dog sighting, including an explanation of the phenomena, can be read here: Sundog (Parhelion) in Umeå.

The first thing that caught my eyes was the left mock sun, which was more distinct than the right one. As expected, I took several shots again from different angles. I wished I could find a place without any distractions in the foreground but I didn't have time to hunt anymore since my next job was waiting.

After my second job, I decided to drop by the city center, particularly along the river to "meet" the sun as it shone upon the frozen river. The vertical pillars of light were still visible. I also captured those houses on the other side of the river with a man drilling a hole on the frozen water.

That covers my day with the sun dog. Another brilliant winter day. Another reason to be blissful and grateful to the Creator of such magnificent things.

Have a fantastic weekend!