Saturday, January 25, 2014

One Fine Frosty Day

One of the several reasons why I have an enigmatically endearing affinity with winter in our place is the season's exquisite beauty when all the seemingly lifeless botanical world suddenly comes to life with leaves of crystals. In plain English, all the leafless trees and shrubs are coated all over with hoarfrosts.

According to Wikipedia, frost is formed when "a solid surface is chilled below the dew point of the surrounding air and the surface itself is colder than freezing....Frost consists of spicules of ice which grow out from the solid surface. The size of the crystals depend on time, temperature and the amount of water vapor available. Based on wind direction, 'frost arrows' might form....Frost crystals are translucent, but scatter light in many directions, so that a coating of frost appears white."

Some days in winter are graced with stunning abundance of frosts that transform all bare trees to gorgeous whiteness. Frosts usually accumulate during the night and last throughout the following day. At times, they would remain for two days in our city, and several days in the mountainous inland.

It is on such days that I find myself walking on air with eyes glued to all the crystalline trees despite the extreme coldness. The first of such days in this season came last Wednesday, 22nd. Though the temperature was -15 degrees C, the sun shone radiantly and the sky was clear blue. A day like this calls for a break from whatever we are doing and just soak ourselves in its ephemeral loveliness that can nourish our psyche and minimizes our feelings of angst.

Before going to work that morning, I took snapshots of our neighborhood's playground and main street. The sky was still overcast that time. 

After my work, I set about sauntering through the area adjacent to where I worked and on to the city and along the river. Everything was just so charming that I couldn't resist being pulled deeper into this world of frost. I regretted not bringing my other camera. I only had my Nikon compact camera and my cellphone at my disposal, both of which ran out of batteries while in the middle of shooting amazing river views. But that was okay. I needed to go home anyway since my feet started to feel the painful sting of cold. And I've captured enough to keep this day permanently frosty.

It was another blessed day that rejuvenated my whole being and hopefully delighted and warmed the hearts of those who dislike winter. Another reason to be grateful to the One who made it possible for this season to be wonderful with its diverse facets that can dispel whatever boredom and loneliness some feel during this season.

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Have a blissful weekend!