Friday, January 10, 2014

Mysteriously Misty

Three days ago, the day was cloaked in gray mist. I got out of the villa where I worked that morning to an empty street. I was the lone pedestrian in this dim, almost eerie atmosphere. Since I had a few moments to spare before my next job, I set about wandering briefly in an open field behind the houses in this area. The silhouettes of the leafless trees amid the mist fascinated me, as always. Despite the absence of snow, save for the few patches straggled about, the scenery still held its charm, what with its softness and tranquility. This kind of ambiance often puts me in a pensive mood, which it did that day.

Solitude has always been one of my best companions. So being alone out there in the gloom didn't really make me feel alone. Comforting silence embraced me even as my head was roaring with a thousand thoughts spawned by this misty environs. Those trees in the background obscured by the mist seemed to hold a mystery that only each particle of the mist could unravel. I wanted to join in their communion but was afraid I would be intruding into their privacy. So I left the mystery alone.

A fellow pedestrian passed through and kept walking amidst the mist toward what appears like nowhere. Her presence created a new perspective  to the scene with an entirely different significance. And then she mysteriously disappeared into the mist.

This furrowed soil sans crops charmed me, what with the white and brown lines that retreated toward a vanishing point on the misty trees.

As I retraced my way back to the main street, I was entranced by these bare lofty trees which seemed to exhibit their inner beauty through the mist. Aren't they majestic in form?

I passed by a shrubbery with countless droplets hanging down from each twig like sparkling buds that brighten up the misty surroundings. 

So went my day in the mist. The bottom line is: misty days are not at all dreary and creepy. If we train our eyes to see through the mists, we'll find something pleasant that we failed to see before.  And if we find ourselves lost in the mists of life, there is always a light out there that can spark up hope and joy in our heart. That's the mystery of it.