Sunday, May 18, 2014

Farewell to Our Beloved Volvo

Our car is gone. It was quite hard to part with it but we had to. It's beginning to break down after all these four years of tough journeys through highways and byways. With a heavy heart, we gave it away to a needy acquaintance after our unsuccessful attempt to sell it cheap online. At least, somebody is going to mend it and take care of it. And that's comforting enough.

Though we had to let go of it, it's still and will always be a part of us and our cherished memories. It has served us in so many ways.

Our old car has taken us to places both far and near. It has traveled through the length and breadth  of Sweden, from eastern coast to western coast, from north to south;   has wound the magical paths through the spectacular mountains and fjords of Norway;  has burned the road up to the polar circle where Finland and Sweden meet;  has gone down as far as Silkeborg, Denmark;  etc., etc.

Now, our car is going to take its well-deserved rest. Not that it will totally stop rolling. It's just that the new owner can still use it to drive around here, since he has not that kind of wanderlust that we have.

For our part, we were able to find a second-hand car that suits us well, a well-maintained black Renault Megane, with the smell and cleanness of a brand-new car, which we bought last May 9. It has started running since then and will keep rolling for thousands of miles henceforth.

Our Swedish Volvo was replaced by the French Renault. Not so bad.

Another problem eliminated.