Friday, May 23, 2014

On Spring, And A Poetry From A Friend

Recently I changed my FB cover photo to this picture of moss I've taken one sunny spring afternoon.

When a friend saw it, she said the photo inspired her to write a poetry, which she inscribed on the image. Oh, how poetic she is! What beautiful lines filled with meaningful messages!

poem by Sherlene Mats

Within this space of waiting, some things were taking place. There were some days when light rains bathed the vegetation, leaving behind astronomical beads of crystals that clung to the leaves, soaking the earth with life-sustaining liquid to speed up the greening of trees and grasses.

Sundogs became almost a daily event, while clouds gathered in amazingly diverse patterns. Most days would start out with a cloudless blue sky which would later be adorned with fluffy clouds, or the other way around.

And now, spring has suddenly come to full swing. This moss  under our dining room window has by now reached its maturity, the waiting finally over as most of the trees and bushes have burgeoned forth with yellow-green foliage, the vibrance of which enlivens the whole surrounding.

The spring flowers are blooming in succession.

The evening sun paints the trees with a hue of yellow-orange which makes them stand out against the gray, or sometimes light blue, night sky.

And yes, the sun comes out radiantly and lingers in the zenith until late at night, then finally sinks, but leaving a faint glow that remains all night long. 

The air has the warmth and the scent of SUMMER!

Indeed, "Inhale deeply Sol's rays. Breathe!"

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