Saturday, May 3, 2014

First of May

I know I'm falling behind with my blogs, but that's how it is with one who is so preoccupied with the more important things. I have so much memories and viewpoints to store here in my cyber treasure chest, and I'm still on it, at my own pace.

I'm going to start with the events these past few days.  The last of April was a day when the whole Sweden observed the tradition called Valborgmässoafton (Walpurgis Night), which comprised of lighting huge bonfires in several places, and binges. I never watched nor took part in such activities, so I have nothing to say about this except for the fact that during that day, which is the traditional way to welcome spring, snow came in abundance, though it didn't stay on the ground for long. That's good enough to moisten the dehydrated soil.

May 1st was a non-working holiday, being the International Workers' Day. The day started out fine. Our brotherhood in this city was scheduled to do a spring cleaning at the Kingdom Hall. Quite a number volunteered to work, from babies (oppps... with mothers, of course) to elderly ones. It was a loving atmosphere with enjoyable works. We got the cleaning done early, after which we had a relaxing "fika" (snacks).

On my way home, it started to rain...guess what...hails! It's good I was already home when the thick ice pellets came plummeting profusely.  I was wild with excitement at seeing lots of hails for the first time this year. It went on for some minutes until the white hailstones covered the ground.

Two consecutive days of snowfall and hailfall! The last of April and the first of May, two months in a row, after which came sunshine and blue sky. This is something worth-recording for me. Such sudden weather changes render a singular touch to the season.

The first of May has slipped away, and the season has been grandly welcomed. Let spring march on with all its entourage of vibrant colors.....

Let my soul soak in the verdancy of the earth, the cerulean blue of the sky and the invigorating radiance of the sun!