Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Anniversary Gift

Though our anniversary was April 20, the small celebration took place on the 19th, which was actually a joint anniversary of ours and my boss'. It was just a simple dinner party with the other couple's (his) immediate family and a few friends. There's not much to say about this except that I enjoyed hobnobbing with friends.

What I want to spotlight here is the gift we received from a very lovely couple who just moved to this city some months ago. I haven't known them for long, and yet, I've felt a certain affinity with them right from the start. 

So, when we got this gift from them, I felt overwhelmed with delight, since this is a kind of gift that I barely receive, if not at all. Definitely the kind of gift that truly warms the heart and endears the giver even more. Who is not touched by such a gift of beauty? I love bouquets of flowers - roses, gerberas, daffodils. mums, daisies and even wild flowers and weeds! And this glorious bouquet of tulips is unmistakably a language of care and love expressed colorfully. It becomes a perpetual adornment to one's being.

(Though the flowers have long withered, they remain fresh here, as I've preserved them through my camera.)

This special day had been made more special through this special gift from a very special couple. A gift of love, a gift of friendship. Something truly special. 

Ah, there's always something special in our everyday life. It doesn't matter if it's simple or elaborate. Point is, try to find it, for it's surely there, and then savor the moment with it.

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