Sunday, July 5, 2015

Enchanting Midsummer

Midsummer day has passed by, the 20th of June for this year. The most typical of all Swedish traditions, it is being celebrated by most people as the acme of the summer season. The main festivity takes place during the Midsummer Eve, which is always the Friday that falls between the dates of June 19-25, when families and loved ones gather together and partake of the traditional Swedish foods and related rites.

As a practicing Christian, I don't celebrate Midsummer because of its paganic origin, rites and superstition, but I do appreciate the natural wonders of this day and the weeks around it. This link, Midsummer, shows a clear picture of what this day really means to the people here. It has also something to do with the synchrony to the rhythms of nature.

What spellbinds me about this day is the sun not setting at all in this northern part of the country. It just hovers low in the horizon, making the night as bright as daytime. Actually, we get 24 hours of daylight in June and July and even around these months. 

Another charm of this day is the richness of nature's beauty. It is at this time that nature has burst into life, foliages transformed to lush green and the meadows are aglow with a medley of colorful wildflowers.

These too, as I've always said, are gifts from our loving and wise Creator, for which I'm deeply grateful.

"How many your works are, O Jehovah! 
All of them in wisdom you have made. 
The earth is full of your productions."
-Psalm 104:24

How many times have I quoted this Scripture in my blogs? I think I'll never stop pondering on the essence these words, especially when I see all creations around me. These are just a few of the astronomical evidences that a powerful loving Creator is watching over us and will fulfill his grand purpose for mankind.  Here's an interesting article to read: You Can Discover Design in Nature

If Midsummer is that enchanting, for sure, our life is a lot more than that.

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