Sunday, July 26, 2015

Entirely Road Trips

"It's not about the destination.
It's about the journey."
(author unknown)

Sometimes when wanderlust hits us and we don't know exactly where we're going, we can just keep driving until we find our undetermined destination. Sometimes, we do have our planned destination but can't find our way there, and if we get lost and need to change our course, it's good to take the scenic route and enjoy getting lost for a while until we finally locate our desired place.

We didn't get lost en route from Oslo to Sweden but didn't know either where to stop and spend a day or two before finally going home, which was still a long way off. And so we just kept driving and luxuriating in the loveliness of the passing sceneries. Sometimes we pulled over to photograph an object of interest, sometimes I'd just shoot from our speeding car.

Our road trip took a pause when we found a camping site to rest for the night. The story can be read HERE.

After two days, we were on the road again, with a camping site in Frösön, a popular island in Östersund, in mind. When we got there, the whole spacious area was full of campers! It was too crowded for serenity-seekers like us.  So we just looked around for some minutes before moving on.

We left the place and kept driving again, this time without a target destination. If we could see a snug camping place along the way, then we would stop by for a night.

Soon we realized that we were already nearing home. The night had set in and our exhausted bodies needed rest. Should we stay in the last camping site before home? We opted to head home instead and rest within the comfort of our own abode. After all, the best destination is HOME.

As has been said over and over again, life is a journey. But of course, it's a journey with a certain destination. Along the way, we run into twists and turns, thorny weeds, stormy weather, etc. However, no matter how long and difficult our "road trip" is, we can enjoy our journey by stopping by to see and reflect on the good things that we received from our loving Creator and his unshakable promises of blessings to those who put faith in him. We can also enjoy navigating our way through life by following his clear direction.

"Your WORD is a lamp to my foot and a light to my roadway."
- Psalm 119:105

Surely, we have a wonderful destination to which we can fix our mind and for which we should exert efforts to reach.

"Therefore, we do not give up, but even if the man we are outside is wasting away, certainly the man we are inside is being renewed from day to day. For though the tribulation is momentary and light, it works out for us a glory that is of more and more surpassing greatness and is everlasting; while we keep our eyes, not on the things seen, but on the things unseen. For the things seen are temporary, but the things unseen are everlasting."
- 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

Can you imagine the things unseen, the wonderful destiny that's waving at us? I can see myself living eternally in a magnificent new world where suffering and death do not exist and where all the good desires of my heart have come to realization.

I know I can get there. But while I'm on my journey, I'll focus on the good things and let them conquer the evils. For then, I can truly take pleasure in this journey.

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